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The Art of Crisis Situation Preparation and Response

The digital/social age has revolutionized the way we generate, distribute and consume news. During a crisis situation, fear feeds the fire – and in today’s interconnected world, a seemingly benign situation can rapidly
spiral out of control, leading to thousands of lost or alienated consumers, millions (or more) in economic damages and significant negative media attention. In order to minimize the risk of such a situation impacting, it is imperative that organizations develop a proactive, data-informed strategy, rather than being reactive.

Sam’s presentation will provide companies with tried-and-true plans of action to take control of the conversation across social, digital, and traditional platforms, as well as actionable strategies to determine when, where, and how to respond to potential crisis situations. Sam will conclude by analyzing two different crisis situations using the strategies outlined in the presentation.


  1. Understand the elements + early warning signs of a crisis situation, along with strategies to mitigate/diffuse a situation before it spirals out of control
  2. Learn the best practices for using social media listening tools, as well as how to supplement tool data in order to gain a more robust picture
  3. Gain actionable strategies for deploying an early warning system, as well as see how various approaches can mitigate results from real-world examples

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