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Measuring Digital Success: Attribution, MMMs & More

There is a growing imperative for marketers – agency and in-house, performance and brand alike – to quantify their impact (or lack thereof) on the organization. This mandate extends well beyond traditional marketing metrics (impressions, clicks, leads, etc.) to actual business outcomes (revenue, growth and profitability).With an exponential increase in the number of touch points impacting an outcome and the pervasive nature of digital media, a well-designed measurement strategy has never been more complex – or more necessary.

This presentation explores the best approaches to meaningful measurement in an always-on, omni-channel world – from multi-touch attribution to marketing mix models and beyond. We’ll explore how each solution works, the limitations of each and how to integrate them to find deeper insights that produce positive business outcomes.


  1. An understanding of how MMM & Attribution work – including strengths, weaknesses & use-cases
  2. Strategies to combine MMM & Attribution data to uncover meaningful insight
  3. Ways to quantify business impacts by combining MMM data with econometric analysis

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