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Measuring Up: Quantifying the Value of Storytelling

One of the most frequently-cited problems in the marketing industry is an inability to (1) properly identify, align, measure and track metrics relevant to a specific company, (2) quantify the value produced by various marketing initiatives, tactics and channels in a way that resonates with senior leadership and (3) use the data from (1) and (2) above to identify actionable insights to inform overall marketing spend and guide future marketing efforts. In short: today’s business owners, executives and marketing professionals need a comprehensive framework for measuring and evaluating the efficacy of their efforts. This session provides exactly that.


  1. Identify the metrics that matter to their organization;
  2. Align those metrics to business outcomes;
  3. Use aligned metrics to identify hidden value & optimize existing marketing mixes; and
  4. Quantify the value of their efforts relative to the bottom-line outcomes of their company. And they’ll actually know how to put that knowledge into action.

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