FAQs For Event Organizers

Sam presents at about 20-30 events (live and virtual) each year – and is consistently rated as one of the top speakers at each event. If you’re interested in having Sam speak at your event, below please find information on Sam’s presentations, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Technical Questions

All presentations are given in Powerpoint (PPTX) format, and provided to events/attendees/literally anyone else in PDF format. Copies of the Presentation can be provided to organizers/tech teams via DropBox or Secure FTP. None of Sam’s PowerPoints include video or audio.

Sam prefers to present from his computer (a 2020 MacBook Pro) using his remote; he carries adapters for VGA, HDMI, USB-3 and Thunderbolt cables. If a default or existing computer must be used, please ensure that it runs the latest version of MS PowerPoint in 16:9 format.

Sam brings along two copies of the final presentation on other devices (USB, iPad) and can present from both. If everything goes boom (and yes, it has before), Sam comes prepared to present SLIDE-FREE.

All Sam’s presentations are in 16:9 format. We don’t do the 4:3 thing, so don’t ask. Sam prefers a wireless lavalier microphone (either earpiece or tie clip-on, with a belt back). Handheld mics and stationary (podium) mics aren’t great. A stage-facing confidence monitor is great, if possible.

Event Logistics & Planning

Absolutely! Sam plans for 10-15 minutes of Q&A with each presentation; for larger groups (250+), it is usually most efficient + effective to have attendees submit questions via the conference app. If you’d like your attendees to be able to ask questions right there, please make sure microphones are available so everyone can hear the questions being asked. In the event there are more questions than time allotted, Sam is happy to do a post-event Q&A session, a virtual Q&A that’s recorded and posted, or a written Q&A response that can be sent to all attendees.

Following Sam’s presentation, he’s available for one-on-ones, roundtables and/or to attend other parts of the conference/event. He’s not one of those in-and-out speakers who just does their thing + leaves; he genuinely wants to be a part of your event and help it be as valuable to your attendees as possible.

Video and/or audio recordings of the presentation are encouraged – please just provide Sam a link to the final recording being shared. Yes, our lawyers insist on this, and no, they don’t compromise on it. We’re happy to promote the event ahead of time, as well as engage with participants before, during + after Sam’s presentation. Just let us know the details + how we can be helpful. Please let us know at least 2 weeks ahead of time of any handout/download/take-away requests, as well as preferred formats (PDF, Word, etc.).

Why Sam?

There are no two-year-old presentations here; everything included in the deck is up-to-the-minute relevant (and yes, some decks have been re-done right before the event to integrate big changes). As a practitioner, teacher + subject-matter expert, Sam’s presentations are designed to be immersive, in-depth and actionable.

No two of Sam’s presentations are the same, ever. Your audience will receive unique content tailored to their industry, interests and challenges. Sam works with organizers before the event to understand your audience and ensure that everything presented is timely, relevant and pertinent to them.

Sam’s presentations are stunning, engaging and chock full of relevant information. There’s even footnotes. Attendees are provided with a PDF of the deck for distribution within the event app (or just over e-mail), and it usually includes a bunch of extra goodies not included, but helpful nevertheless.

Breaking down complex challenges into simple, digestible concepts is one of the things Sam does best; interwoven amongst those nuggets of insight are bits of humor and illustrations of the concepts in action — helping audiences bridge the gap between the strategic and the tactical (and answering that age-old attendee question, “How does this work for me?”)

Sam has nearly a decade of experience across industries & verticals — and he works on all aspects of strategy and marketing with global, national and regional clients every day. Put simply: Sam is a hands-on practitioner, an educator and a speaker.

Planning a conference is tough – but dealing with speakers shouldn’t be. Sam is organized, flexible, easy to work with and experienced. Also, he’s on-time and likes to stay for your entire event (not just his talk) – giving attendees plenty of one-on-one time to ask questions, challenge assumptions and figure out what to do next.

Sam wants your event to be a success — which is why he’s flexible and will work with you to ensure a positive outcome for your audience. He’s worked with nearly 100 different events and groups over his careers, speaking to tens of thousands of attendees around the world.

In the event one of Sam’s existing topics isn’t perfect for your event, Sam is happy to tailor a talk, workshop or session to your audience. Some popular themes/topics include:

  • Digital Marketing, Demystified
  • Creating A Performance Marketing Culture
  • Integrated Search (SEO + SEM)
  • Display, Social, Video – Oh My!
  • 10 Ways To Be Better At Marketing
  • How To Not Suck At Attribution
  • It’s Just Commerce (A Talk About eCommerce)
  • What’s Next – Disruptive Platforms, Tactics + Strategies
  • What Comes Next? Post-Conversion Marketing!