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Sam is consistently rated as one of the top speakers at events around the world for his ability to bring clarity, insight and perspective on the trends shaping the digital ecosystem. A deep generalist and passionate innovator, Sam has a unique ability to simplify and reframe complex problems, leading to novel (and usually unexpected) solutions.

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Sam's Bio

The (much) longer version.

With a background spanning business, data and finance, Sam is a radically different kind of marketer – one with a singular focus on making businesses better. This background, combined with a unique combination of analytics skills, performance marketing expertise and deep understanding of brand, allow him to challenge the status quo, see hidden opportunities, develop novel strategies and build scalable systems to capitalize on those opportunities.

In his role as VP of Strategy & Analytics, Sam leads Warschawski’s award-winning Digital & Analytics teams in the development, execution and optimization of integrated digital campaigns and measurement strategies. Sam has established a data-driven culture throughout the agency while delivering exceptional bottom-line growth for clients through the fusion of innovative digital strategies with robust, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Since joining Warschawski, Sam has led successful marketing communications initiatives for many of the agency’s global, national and regional clients, including Dole Packaged Foods, Biologics Consulting, Hogan Lovells, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE: CPK), KeyW (NASDAQ: KEYW), Janet, Janet & Suggs, Kabateck LLP, JMT, WSP (OTCMKTS: WSP), Sagamore Ventures, Sagamore Spirit and numerous others.

A digital native, deep generalist, and passionate innovator, Sam has a unique ability to connect seemingly disparate concepts in novel ways. His brings an unparalleled understanding of the digital ecosystem and how each component within that ecosystem can work together to create an exceptional outcome. His experience with specific platforms, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, Programmatic/DSPs, and Amazon, and knowledge of strategic and tactical methods give him the ability to craft comprehensive strategies, execute them flawlessly and optimize them relentlessly across dozens of channels. This approach has led to successful outcomes for clients with a wide variety of industries and business models, including, B2B, B2C, B2G, DTC, SaaS, lead generation, and more.

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What Sam Does

Areas of Expertise & Influence

Digital Innovation

The evolution of the digital economy is accelerating – and brands who don’t understand the impacts will be left behind.


Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy. It’s everywhere. And it’s not all equal. Sam helps organizations find the nuggets of insight hidden amongst their troves of data.

Digital Strategy

Digital is more than just new technology, marketing channels, or social media interactions – it represents the next evolution in how people engage with one another. As with all evolutions, Brands have a simple choice: evolve or fade away.


Search is the gateway to the digital ecosystem – and understanding how to make it work for your organization is one of the most daunting challenges organizations face. Sam is a recognized expert in all aspects of search, from SEO and SEM to shopping.

Performance Marketing

Lost in all of the talk about omnichannel marketing + changing consumers is a business reality: at its core, marketing is an investment, not a vanity contest. That belief is at the core of performance marketing.


There is no longer a difference between “eCommerce” and “Commerce” — it’s all just commerce. Having worked with some of the world’s largest brands and most disruptive startups, Sam is recognized as a leading authority on the digital economy.

One of the leading authorities on the digital ecosystem, bar none.

Why Sam?

Three reasons to have Sam at your next conference
Leading-Edge Content

There are no two-year-old presentations here; everything included in the deck is up-to-the-minute relevant (and yes, some decks have been re-done right before the event to integrate big changes). As a practitioner, teacher + subject-matter expert, Sam’s presentations are designed to be immersive, in-depth and actionable.

Strategic & Tactical

Sam’s presentations simplify complex concepts, illustrating the “why” behind the challenge, allowing attendees to understand how a solution can work, and finally providing the “what” – actionable takeaways and next steps that leave the audience inspired.

Completely Custom

No two talks are the same, ever. Each of Sam’s presentations is tailored to your audience, industry, interests and challenges, with the goal of leaving your audience feeling informed, inspired and ready to act.

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